Bucket List

Recently I have found a bucket list from a blogger about 100 things she wanted to do. This inspired me to write a bucket list of my own. Instead of having a specific number of things in my bucket list I have decided to have an ongoing list and update it regularly. So here are…

Top 10 things to do in the Maldives!

Originally posted on Roots & Trails:
You know something amazing is going to happen when you are about to land in the Maldives. The hues of green scattered Islands & Atolls on the canvas of the blue ocean appears like an artist’s imagination. The trip to the Maldives was a birthday gift from my husband…

Maldives on the Cheap: Budget Luxury Guide

Originally posted on Stylishwanderer.com:
The Maldives is one of those countries I never imagined I would be able to visit. It was only a dream Paradise Travel Destination of mine for ages. If you asked me 8 years ago if I would like to go to Maldives, I would probably just laugh not because there’s something wrong…

A Holiday in the Maldives: Is it Worth the Money?

Originally posted on Diary of a Tourist:
With white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, Maldives is a dream destination for anyone. It is also a pretty pricey destination, so to many, it’s a once in a life time trip too. So, should we fork out for an expensive getaway in the Maldives? This is a…

Five Food Photography Tips from Cooking Without Limits

Originally posted on Discover:
Gabriela Lupu, a Romanian photographer living and working in Paris, France, is the food blogger behind Cooking Without Limits and shares practical advice on the art and business of food photography. Here are five tips from Gabriela on taking photos of your dishes. 1. Do the dance around your dish. It’s…

Hangnaameedhoo – Maldive Island – Locals View

When my son was born my mom wasn’t there. She has fear of traveling. So when my son turned one month I decided to visit her. So around the independence day of 2016 we went to our island. With my cousin’s we planned a surprise for my mother. She was not aware of our visit….

Sun island resort and spa – A paradise in Maldives

On the independence day of the Maldives in the year 2017 we started our trip to Sun Island resort and spa. The transfer is via Fly me to Mamigili airport and a sea transfer to the resort from there. Those who have visited Maldives will know that the airport is another island. So from Vilimale…

My Isle Gimatha – From the Sunny Side of Life

Hello, This is my life after my son is born. From The Sunny Side of Life Since my son was born I have developed a grab the opportunity habit and have done several things that I was not able to do or didn’t do before.